ELEGIANT Color Weather Station Auto Time Setting (WWVB) Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer Monitor Weather Forecast 4-Level Backlight | EOX-9938 US

ELEGIANT Color Weather Station Auto Time Setting (WWVB) Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer Monitor Weather Forecast 4-Level Backlight | EOX-9938 US

US Plug for Home Office Backyard Bedroom
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Accurate Temperature & Humidity: The EOX-9938 weather station with an outdoor sensor can measures temperature and humidity accurately and transmit the data to the EOX-9938 weather station. According to the temperature and humidity of channel 1, it can forecast the weather within 6-24 hours and record 24-hour historical data of the highest/lowest temperature value.  Upgraded new chip and optimized antenna layout inside the weather station and sensor ensure a stable connection without dropping codes, and will not be coded with other outdoor units. The temperature format can be customized to ℃ or ℉. 

Automatic Time & Date Settings: EOX-9938 will attempt to receive the  DTS-WWVB radio signal when powered on. The current time and date will be displayed within 7 minutes after successful signal reception
. You can select your located city by pressing the city button. After the city is confirmed, it will start calculating the sunrise and sunset time automatically, without manual setting. 7 languages available for the weekdays displayed: German, English, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish and Danish. 

Colorful LCD Touch Screen & 4-Level Brightness Adjustable: With a large LCD screen shown in color, EOX-9938 weather station makes all information and function well displayed. Including the connection status between the main unit and outdoor sensor, the readings of indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, weather forecast(next 6-24h weather), moon phases, DST time, barometric pressure and history record, so that you can keep a close eye on your home and backyard, and better plan your day and life. 

4-Level Brightness Dimmable: 4-level adjustable backlight (Bright-Medium-Dim-Off) greatly meets different scenarios. Bright for day and dim for the night. Just tap the button on the top to adjust the desired brightness for preference. Note: To ensure that the backlight is always on and working properly, please keep the weather station working with the AC power supply.

3-Channel Connection & 100m Working Range: Up to 3 outdoor sensor connection channels allow the weather station to monitor up to 4 areas with clear data displayed. And it provides up to 100m working range in the open area. 

Alarm Clock with 5-60 Minutes Snooze:  This weather station has an alarm fuction with snooze time. When placed in bedroom, it is not only a wireless weather station it is, but also an alarm clock. Just press the button at the top to activate the snooze function (5-60min optional) when the alarm goes off. 

17.5W AC Adapter & Dual USB Charging Port: Equipped with a 17.5W AC adapter to ensure the backlight always on, and 4 levels of brightness are adjustable in this mode. With 2 USB charging ports, you can charge cell phones, tablets, MP3, or other devices with safe and stable current output throughout the night.

Package Contents

EOX-9938 Weather Station *1
17.5W AC Adapter *1
Outdoor Sensor *1
User Manual *1
Trouble Shooting *1

Important: Click on https://www.elegiants.com/Abbreviation-of-Main-Cities-in-North-America-a-126.html to find the three abbreviations of your located city and set the city of 9938 weather station.

In order to obtain accurate temperature and humidity readings, we highly recommend placing outdoor sensors under the eaves to avoid direct sunlight and rain.

Should the product unexpectedly runs out of order with malfunction or misoperation below, pls contact the seller :

[√]Sensor not working?

[√]Sensor worn out after a long time?

[√]Sensor fell by accident and broken?

[√]Doubt it measure a wrong info?

We provide solution for all sensor's case :)

Press the "SET" button to switch between Time Mode & Alarm Mode
In time mode, all functions are available, and the time will be displayed in electronic style and quartz style.
In alarm mode, you can quickly turn on/off the alarm. The screen will show you the current alarm time.

According to the measurement and history record, the station will display an interactive icon. 

Always trying the best to provide handy tips for you.:)

1. Once batteries are placed in the remote sensor, it will start transmitting temperature readings at roughly 45 seconds intervals. 
2. As soon as batteries are installed in the main unit, it will start searching for a signal from the remote sensor for about 3 minutes.
3. Upon successful reception of the signal, the outdoor temperature and humidity will be displayed on the main unit. And the main unit will automatically update its readings at about 2 minutes’ intervals.


ELEGIANT EOX-9938 Weather Station with Automatic Time(WWVB)

1. Self setting accurate atomic time, all USA time zone optional. (AST EST CST MST PST AKT HAT)

2. DST[Daylight Saving Time] setting also supported.

3. The main unit will attempt to receive the WWVB radio signal at UTC 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 (If no reception, the station will search for the atomic time signal every 3 hours until the signal received).


City Optional & Setting

Weather Station includes a collection of 162 USA main cities itself. Consistent sunrise & sunset time for same time zone cities. So you can always find a suitable city for your state.


2 USB Charging Ports

Extra dual 1.5A(3A Total) USB output charging ports can let you charge your devices, like phone, TWS earbuds, iwatch, MP3, ect.

EOX-9938 can help you charge all these mini electronics in 100% safe 5V low current charging way.


Sunrise & Sunset 

The date information thoughtfully display in M-D format as you prefer.

Sunrise & sunset time always ready for you, let you know all the infos in a glance. 

Packing List

Outdoor Sensor *1
17.5W AC Power Adapter *1
User Manual *1
Weather Station Troubleshooting Introduction *1

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